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Prof. Dr. Dr. Udo Di Fabio

University of Bonn

Prof. Dr. Dr. Udo Di Fabio, born 1954 in Walsum, married, four children, resident in Bonn.

1970 - 1980 Municipal Administration Officer in the city of Dinslaken; 1982 First German Legal State Examination; 1985 Second German Legal State Examination; 1985 - 1986 Judge at the Social Court in the city of Duisburg; 1987 Doctorate in Law; 1990 Doctorate in Social Sciences; 1993 Habilitation in Law at the University of Bonn; 1993 - 2003 Professorships at the Universities of Münster, Trier and Munich; 1999 - 2011 Judge at the Federal Constitution Court; since 2003 Professorship at the University of Bonn; since 2006 Member of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts; since 2017 Principal of the Research College for normative fundaments of society in Bonn.

Selected Publications: Impact of the Reformation in the World (2017); Application of Fundamental Rights in Digital Systems (2016); Unsteady Western World (2015); Growing Economy and Steering State (201); Conscience, Faith, Religion (2nd edition 2009); The culture of Freedom (2005); The State Law Teaching and the State itself (2003); The Law of open-minded States. Baselines of their State- and Law Theory (1998); Risk Decisions in States under the Rule of Law (Habilitation in Law 1994); Open Discourse and self-contained Systems (Doctorate in Social Sciences 1990); Legal Protection in Parliamentary Investigations (Doctorate in Law 1987).

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